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About Katie

You know what is cool? 
The rush and invincible feeling you get free falling from 14,000 feet as the plane disappears behind you and the objects on the ground quickly grows closer | The camaraderie you gain from spending a week making memories with strangers, now friends, in a foreign country | Reveling in the beauty of a 13,000 mile wall built centuries ago snaking its way through the landscape before you, and feeling connected to times long past | Standing on top of a mountain, not letting that twinge of fear stop you from pointing your skis down the double black and having that sense of accomplishment welcome you at the bottom.

You know what is even cooler? 
Having the ability to capture the beauty of others. Having others allow me to come into their lives and document it so that moment can be relived, shared and enjoyed for years to come. 

I am Katie, an adventure loving freelance photographer living in Los Angeles. Living life to the fullest is my ultimate goal; making memories and experiencing new things. A perfect day for me would involve the exploration of a place I’ve never been accompanied by my sweet husband and my camera. I have a love of yoga pants, an unhealthy obsession with Mongolian BBQ, and my favorite form of exercising is most definitely line dancing. 

I have been shooting for nine years and have created a style that is all my own. I have worked with a ton of amazing individuals and companies including assisting for Shane Durrance Photography, shooting products for Forever 21, and filmed commercials for Jody Maroni's. I specialize in fashion, lifestyle and editorial photography, but love bringing these aspects to all other session types.  

 Whether its telling the story of your brand/company, your engagement, your last year in high school, your big day, or your first birthday. I can not wait to capture YOU.


You want to know more? Alright. Let's see...

I was born and raised in Dallas, Georgia (hence the line dancing - Its not a joke, I seriously love it and will probably break out some moves if I am invited to shoot your wedding. You have been warned). 

I've got the coolest twin brother ever, whom I am half an hour older than. Crazy right?! He is also my favorite dance partner. 

I grew up taking martial arts. I only mention it because otherwise my dad would track you down and make sure you are made aware. He's really proud and mentions it to literally everyone.

My mom and I am pretty hardcore Gary Allan fan's, we've seen him play over 25 times in 5 states. 

I've been married to my sweet husband, Kalen, for about 3 years now. He's the smartest person I know and a phenomenal writer. I am patiently awaiting the completion of his first feature script (and by patiently I mean eagerly hounding him every five seconds because I am so excited to read it). 

I really have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. 4 times to be exact. Do it. Seriously you won't regret it. 

I'm interested in politics but only when its a TV show written by Aaron Sorkin and Shonda Rhimes, or stars Kevin Spacey. 

I think Pride and Prejudice is the most beautiful movie ever made but Tommy Boy still edges it out as my favorite. 

Traveling will forever be my favorite thing to do, I should carry around a cardboard sign that reads 'will take pictures for plane tickets.' My favorite place that I have been to thus far would have to be Greece. New Orleans if we are keeping things state side. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason and that if you are still reading this we should be friends.